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Teaching: News & Resources

Courses I've Taught

Developmental Psychology

Summer 2022 (online)

Taught Introduction to Developmental Psychology. Prepared lecture materials and course assignments for zoom class. Supervised graduate student teaching assistant.

Courses I've TA'd

Perception and the Brain

Spring 2020

Led laboratory sections, wrote R code for student analysis, and graded assignments.

Instructor of record: Dr. Jenni Groh

Developmental Psychology

Fall 2021 (in person), Fall 2020 (online)

Led two discussion sections of 25 students each, guest lectured for 85 student class, wrote exams and assignments, and graded assignments.

Instructor of record: Dr. Makeba Wilbourn

DeafBlind Culture and Communication

Introduction to Statistical Methods in Psychology

Fall 2019

Graded assignments and led two discussion sections of 20 students each.

Instructor of record: Dr. Greg Samenez-Larkin


Spring 2017

Graded and co-wrote assignments and exams. Facilitated community outings for students. Used pro-tactile communication with professor during lectures to relay visual information about student behavior.

Instructor of record: Jamie Pope

Spring 2022 Terms 1, 2

Graded assignments and held office hours for students.

Instructor of record: Dr. Chris Petsko

Research Methods in Language Development

Courses I'd Love to Teach

Upper-level methods course. Focus is on students learning data collection skills (e.g., eyetracking) and designing their own research project. Students work in groups or individually to produce literature review and pre-registration.

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